Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to find a photograph of just myself, for this page? Next to impossible. I found a couple of blurry black and white ones, some sunset beach silhouettes (because I will never get sick of taking those), but-  none of them were "about me" page worthy. Which makes total sense, because I'm not really ever by myself. My photographs mostly consist of my kids. And half of my face. Or an elbow. Or my mustache, because- lets be real here, I'm a hairy lady and I've totally got one.

So about me, yeah?: Lets do this.

Ummm- I haven't written a bio since I was like like 19 and on myspace trying to pick up mysterious looking hipster boys with photographs of my giant hair and quoting Alkaline Trio lyrics. How does this even work again?


"Drinking for the fun... singing for the taste"

No! See! No.

But really. About me: I'm a rock n roll girl raised on the river in Washington state, fell in love with my Value Villiage knight in shining armor, together we moved to Portland, got married, joined up with the military, and now here we are nine years later living on a majestic Hawaiian island with our four beautiful children, and our half moon male beta fish.



Over the past few years I've severely simplified my life. I traded in my cases of aquanet and hours of bouffant backcombing, for a guenuine set of hippie lovin' dreadlocks. I got rid of my makeup bag full of MAC, and decided to replace it with peppermint chapstick and pink tinted mineral veil. I tossed all of my perfume bottles into the garbage, and instead lather up with Doterra- its hard to smell bad when you bathe in Frankincense and Lavender, yeah?

I love to write. I love to write so much, that when I'm not writing, I'm inaudibly speaking monologues inside of my head. I feel like sentances are pieces of art, if put together properly. And I don't mean properly like, grammar wise, but... interestingly enough. With descriptions. And details. And realism. I don't candy coat things. I'm no good at it. I've tried before, but in the end I always end up speaking my mind, which is the ugly, or sometimes all too beautiful truth. Sometimes my imagination gets away from me, and I'm alright with that. I think my life would be pretty boring if it didn't, actually.

My life is a musical.

I like playing yahtzee, reading teenage sci fi romance novels, pinning things on pinterest that I'll probably never actually get around to doing, and going on adventures in paradise. Did I mention I live in Hawaii? Because I'll probably say it a few more times before I hit publish.

Side note: If anybody has a lead on any Triple Yahtzee score cards, it is IMPERITIVE that you contact me eeeeeeeeemediately.

Now on a more serious note: I have lupus. And theres really not much more to say about that, than it really really sucks. I'll write about it from time to time- how it attacks us, how we battle with it, how we win and lose.



I take all of my photos with my iphone 5. I have a Canon 7D (fancy stuff, right?) with all the fixin's in my closet, but- honestly, I just have more fun capturing our moments with my phone. Now theres no heavy camera to carry around (seriously, have you ever tried to manage 4 kids AND a zoom lens? Lord...), I don't spend nearly as much time uploading and editing, and I can send them straight to the printing press and they're on my doorstep in a few days, instead of stuck on my computer or locked in my blog.



To me there is nothing more beautiful than a sunset. I try to go as often as I can. There is a beach about 3 miles from my house (and believe me, I don't take it for granted, ever- ), and I go as often as possible. In fact, I think I'll go tonight. The simplicity of being at the beach with my family is one of the most freeing feelings in the world.

Except for when a dog takes a crap in the sand right near the water. Why does my favorite beach have to be the dang "dog beach"?

Wait- is this still an about me page? Because I think I'm getting a little off topic, talking about poop and all. Which I'm sure I'll talk about more in my articles. In fact, I don't know why people don't talk about it more often. We all poop. Something is seriously wrong with you if you don't. I have no shame in poopin'.

And with that being said- the purpose of this here blog is just a place for me to be me. To write about anything that my pounding heart desires. Whether its beautiful sunsets, or dog poop. ...I'm really not a dog person by the way, I'm more into cats. And bunnies. But mostly cats.

...should I quote some more Alkaline Trio lyrics now?


And I'm not even kidding, as I'm trying to figure out a way to close this page off, my three year old shouts from the other room, "I POOPED!!!".

My life is nothing without poop.
Maybe that's what I should have subtitled my blog.

Because #ThatTotallyJustHappened.


  1. Triple Yahtzee Scorecard, free-99 :D http://files.meetup.com/2571452/Triple_Yahtzee_Scoresheet.pdf

  2. Wow, that comment looks like a bot, but I promise it's a real post. I am @goonsquadron and I am human both here and Twitter! Damn.

  3. You are heeeeelarious. I'm glad you are blogging again - you are a great voice to listen to.


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